We are celebrating our first anniversary

It has been a year since Eyemouth Marine Limited was founded and after buying the Boat Yard in Eyemouth owner Patrick Flockhart said that the key to turning around the business has been their focus on ’Serving Sea, Wind & Shore’, taking the skills and craftsmanship involved in serving the marine sector and opening it up to serve the whole of the Berwickshire community. “We like to think of ourselves as a ‘Garage for the Sea’” said Patrick. “We have taken the decision to focus our efforts on repairs and refits and using our marine skills to serve on-shore industry too. Eyemouth needs a boatyard. With no repair facility at Eyemouth skippers would need to steam to Arbroath or Whitby for repairs out of the water. There is still a sizeable fishing fleet in range of the Berwickshire coast, not to mention the economic opportunities that would come if Eyemouth Harbour is successful in winning the contract to be the support hub for the Neart na Gaoithe offshore wind farm. This is why we are planning to invest over £2 million to redevelop the Boatyard so that it can cater for all of the needs of the marine sector in and beyond Berwickshire for years to come. We will invest in both plant and people to generate sustainable, highly skilled jobs in Eyemouth.”

EML has huge plans afoot to enclose the work sheds at the top of their slipways and invest in new workshop and office space. A viewing platform is also planned to allow visitors to see the workings of a boat yard. The company hopes to submit plans in the autumn to Scottish Borders Council for the multi-million pound redevelopment, which will help to attract a larger client base by offering a ‘controlled environment’ under cover for boats up to 15 metres airdraft. In addition EML will open up new markets in the leisure craft sector by installation of a Boat Handling system. Investment in people is also key to turning around the business. Training has been recently started, with help from the European and Maritime Fisheries Fund, in new composite materials techniques and welding practice in order to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of both the fishing and commercial fleets.

“There is a real sense of purpose now that we have investment in the yard” said a spokesman for EML “The new company has a vision to build on its’ heritage to become a true 21st Century business. Of course, it is not just down to having the right equipment but you need great people too and that’s what we’ve got here. Patrick invested in our future and we have all signed up to a team charter of how we all want to work together.

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