Glendale Show 2019, Do you know about our onshore services?

Graham and Michael spent the day at the Glendale Show on the 26th of August to promote our onshore services. Specifically we aimed to meet local businesses in the agricultural sector to discuss our past involvement in onshore projects, and to inform people on how we can use our services to help in onshore projects as well as marine.

We provide services in Welding, Engineering, Painting, Joinery and more, and Eyemouth Marine has a history of providing services to local businesses and individuals outside of the marine industry, our vision is to serve Sea, Wind and Shore.

Whist there we also ran a raffle with first prize being a voucher for two donated by Eyemouth Rib Trips. The prize was won by Jane Harbottle from Lowick, and we hope that Jane and her plus one have a great time visiting Eyemouth harbour and exploring the Berwickshire coast, as well as that we’d also like to thank Eyemouth Rib Trips for their donation.

For further infomation on how we can help you with your onshre project please contact us here.

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