Eyemouth Marine Blessing.

Blessing marks the arrival of 7 metre Gerry Smyth hull to be fitted out by Eyemouth Marine.

We are excited to announce that from the New Year we will be fitting out vessels at our yard, with the first being a 7 metre monohull supplied to us by Gerry Smyth’s Boats of Kilkeel Northern Ireland. We see this as an important step for the future of our yard, and are pleased to once again see a vessel being completed and ready for sea, continuing a strong tradition at our site at Eyemouth.

To celebrate, we held a blessing ceremony at our site on Friday 18th December, The Rev, Andrew Haddow from Eyemouth’s Parish Church spoke and delivered the following;

“May God the builder bless these buildings!  May Jesus, son of the carpenter, bless this workplace, may the Holy Spirit, giver of beauty, love and truth bless the works of the hands of so many.

May God, our maker, bless all the staff, may Jesus our brother, bless the working together of all here, may the life giving Spirit, inspire in all, a love of the sea, a love of their work and desire to work at peace with their colleagues.

In Jesus name may you come Lord in your Holy Spirit and fill this place, so that the work ahead maybe smooth sailing and the storms that come will not overwhelm us.  May you protect and preserve those who sail in these vessels made and cared for here and surround us all with your loving care.


Director Patrick Flockhart, and our management team of Norman Thomson and Graham Perrins also spoke, discussing the plans for our yard, including the ongoing redevelopment of our site, investment into systems and facilities, and the exciting steps made in apprenticeships and training.

In quoting spokesman for Cylde Shipbuilders, Jimmy Reid, “We don’t only build ships. We build men” they echoed this idea and discussed the importance of taking pride in our work and achievements, as well as the personal development of all those who work at Eyemouth Marine.

Our long serving shipwright Michael D’Agrosa spoke on behalf of everyone who works at our yard and said;

“Almighty God, who guided Noah in the building of an Ark, and calmed the raging sea, we call upon you to bless this yard and those who work here to prepare for service, repair and build vessels for the sea.

Guide the hands, hearts and minds of all those who work here, in all the different functions who come together in service of those who go to sea.  Protect and preserve those who sail in those vessels made and cared for here and surround us all with your loving care”.

The ceremony marks a new chapter for our boatyard as we ask for guidance and support in our endeavours, thank all who have worked so hard with us to this point, and bless a new beginning for our yard and the wider community at Eyemouth Harbour.

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