Eyemouth Marine Beach Clean 2019

25th July the team were out and about visiting sites along the Berwickshire coastline, where we spent the day finding out about the work being done to conserve the local marine environment.

Thanks to Tim from Eyemouth Rib Trips we were taken along the coast from Burnmouth to St Abbs Head, and were lucky enough to spend time with the researchers at the St Abbs Marine Station who shared the work they have been doing with us.

The team are assessing the effects that are being seen on marine wildlife and their research into Marine Stressors is concerned with Climate Change and focusses on; Anthropogenic Noise Vibrations, Electromagnetic Fields and Microplastics, Chemical and Microbial Pollution.

They also work on Sustainable Management and are helping to; Protect Marine Areas, Undergo Habitat Restoration, Attract Tourism and Establish Sustainable Inshore Shellfish Fisheries in the area.

Volunteers Lyle and Genine from the Berwickshire Marine Reserve were also with us throughout the day, giving us insight into unique features of our coastline and how changing sea temperatures are impacting different species of wildlife, Genine also discussed the cost of using throw away plastics to the marine landscape, and we concluded our day with a beach clean at Coldingham Bay.

We feel a responsibility to engage with the people who are working to conserve the marine environment because our work relates so closely to the sea and the people who work there, we had a great day and would like to thank Eyemouth Rib Trips, The Marine Station at St Abbs and The British Marine Trust for their time and insight.   

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