Behind The Scenes At Eyemouth Marine

Recently we were delighted to welcome Olivia Christie to the yard, Olivia is a photography student and was looking for an opportunity to document working life at Eyemouth Harbour.

She visited our yard with the objective of showing a side of the harbor that visitors do not usually get a glimpse of.

“When I was assigned a documentary project at college, I knew that I wanted to document the working aspects of Eyemouth Harbour – the parts the tourists may not get to see. As inspired as I was, it turns out the folks of the harbour are not always keen on getting their photo taken!”

“Luckily, I was welcomed into Eyemouth Marine by Patrick and the rest of the team, where I spent a few days getting to know the employees, and what the day-to-day operations are like in the yard. I learned much about the history of the yard, and I hope my images will serve as documentation of its current state in the years to come.”

“I received great feedback from my lecturers on my work, I think mostly due to the standard of models!”

“I’m grateful to everyone at the yard who lended me their time, faces and stories.

Olivia Christie.

We were happy to host Olivia and to hear that her photos were well received by her tutors, we think that her photo’s look great, so have a scroll through and take a look.    

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